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# Toronto
Canadian man killed after stealing a plane and crashing it onto road
Images of the wreck showed a crushed nose and cockpit, and broken wings.
# the north remembers
Lowry lights up game 4 as Raptors claw their way back level with Cavs
They were laughing at Toronto two games ago, now the eastern final is all square.
# oh canada
Toronto Raptors tear down Heat in game 7 to set up clash with LeBron James' Cavaliers
Kyle Lowry and co. will have to recuperate quickly, game one of the eastern finals will go ahead on Tuesday night.
# Working holiday
17 things you'll know if you did your J1 in Toronto
Go for the low legal drinking age, stay for the baking humidity.
# Toronto
'He's mayor of heaven now': Mourners pay final respects to controversial politician Rob Ford
He gained worldwide notoriety for smoking crack cocaine while in office.
# Toronto
Canadian man arrested under terrorism charge while carrying a gun
If convicted, he could face a maximum of 10 years in prison.
# Toronto
Rob Ford, controversial former Toronto Mayor, dies aged 46
He had been battling cancer.
# turbo the goat
Here are the landmarks going green for the first time this St Patrick's Day
The Global Greening is in its seventh year.
# oh canada
11 things Irish people in Canada want you to know
So we can skip the questions at Christmas.
# Tragedy
Twin brothers killed in Canadian bobsled accident
The teenagers used their own toboggans on the track after hours at the Canada Olympic Park.
# Canada
Courtroom packed for first day of renowned DJ's 'sexual beating' trial
Jian Ghomeshi faces possible life in prison if convicted of four counts of sexual assault and one of overcoming resistance by choking.
# elderly mobster
87-year-old former Mafia boss gunned down in Toronto
Rocco Zito was a leading figure in Canada’s crime underworld.
# Discrimination
Four men allegedly kicked off a flight for looking 'too Muslim'
The men were travelling from Toronto to New York.
# hugh podmore
This potential flatmate has endeared himself to the entire internet
We love you Hugh Podmore.
# Canada
Fan of Harry Potter? You might need to plan a trip to Toronto
You’ll be a home at this bar.
# butterbeer
This Toronto bar has wonderful details only Harry Potter fans will appreciate
Mischief managed.
# urine trouble
Politician forced to drop out of race over video of him peeing in mug at woman's home
The man was repairing a sink at a woman’s home when he grabbed a mug, urinated in it and then emptied it in the sink.
# T-Rontz
18 things nobody ever told you about moving to Toronto
You’ll need to know some important facts, like how they sell milk in bags.
# Personal Data
Two suicides connected to the Ashley Madison website hack
Canadian Police say a link has yet to be confirmed.
# ashley madison
Hackers have released 32 million people's details stolen from an affair website
They had stolen the data a month ago.
# T Dot
This Irish emigration hotspot is the 'world's most liveable city'
They do excellent poutine.
# Canada
Two killed in shooting outside Toronto nightclub party hosted by rapper Drake
No suspects have been found.
# please leave canada
This ‘go home Irish’ ad has created quite a buzz on the streets of Toronto
It links to a website titled as well.
# please leave canada
This 'go home Irish' ad has created quite a buzz on the streets of Toronto
It links to a website titled as well.
U2 invited their own tribute band to perform on stage and they had the time of their lives
Sound Bono.
# oh canada
This Irish emigrant captured his time in Canada by filming just a second a day
David Wogan has been living in Toronto for the past three years – this is his life.
# vulgar
Reporter confronts football fans over shouts of "f*** her right in the p****"
One man was fired over the incident.
# oh canada
11 shocking realisations every Irish person goes through in Canada
It’s wonderful, but there are some things you should know.
# Commitment
This guy built a secret tunnel through Toronto because he wanted somewhere to watch TV
So much effort turned into so much controversy.
# Denied
Chris Brown was denied entry into Canada and the internet exploded with praise
Rejection has never felt so public.
# Campaign
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford diagnosed with rare and aggressive cancer
Ford had been admitted to hospital last week.
# Doug Ford
Rob Ford withdraws from mayoral race with tumour, his brother takes over
Ford was hospitalised on Wednesday.
# Iron Mike
VIDEO: Mike Tyson to news anchor: 'You seem like a nice guy but really you're a piece of sh*t'
Former boxer clashed with Canadian TV host during a live interview to publicise his one-man show.
# st vincent
Standing ovation for Bill Murray and Chris O'Dowd's new film
Bill f**king Murray.
# Violence
Man stabbed in the heart after 'bumping into someone while texting'
Toronto Police say the man he bumped into “took exception at a perceived slight and attacked the victim”.
Opinion: Rob Ford's mysterious popularity – why Canada’s most scandalous citizen is the new Bill Clinton
Clinton’s dalliance with an intern now looks dull in comparison with the Toronto Mayor’s behaviour, but the dynamics of the two scandals have deeply polarised electorates in similar ways.
# rob ford
Toronto mayor heads back to work after rehab... but wants his office's locks changed
The mayor’s drug abuse was first revealed last year when an alleged drug dealer tried to sell another video of him smoking crack to the media.
# goalscorer
I proved Roy Hodgson wrong, says Jermain Defoe, after scoring in MLS
“When you’ve been involved in every squad and the World Cup comes around and you’re not in the 23, it’s hard to understand,” he added.
# Substance Abuse
Toronto's controversial 'crack-smoking mayor' to enter rehab
A new video has emerged of Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack.
# Irish in Canada
If you're heading to Canada you might want to check this out...
The Gaelic League of Toronto is a non profit group that may be able to help you with your trip and getting settled.