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12 memories of Toxic Tuesday all DCU students treasure

RIP Toxic Tuesday, u are with the angles now xx

1. Toxic Tuesday was a grand DCU tradition that started in the good old days of the Old Bar

Source: redbrick.dcu.ie

In later years, it transferred to the Nubar, where it became even more raucous and debauched.

2. At around 3pm every Tuesday, the ‘Anyone going to Toxic Tuesday?’ texts/Facebook posts would begin


3. You could go out with no money and still end up with a drink in each hand

10290200_777893792273232_4744790142986295370_n Source: Facebook/NuBar DCU

Mysterious. But no one questioned the ways of Toxic Tuesday.

4. It was never seen as going ‘out out’

1044557_1383819015171102_1644710496_n Source: Facebook/Toxic Tuesday

People came to Toxic Tuesday in whatever they wore to lectures that day, if that’s how it turned out. It was no issue.

5. The offers were truly outrageous

This didn't end well Source: Instagram/randomtwat

An unreasonable amount of Jagerbombs could be purloined with a tenner. And you drank concoctions you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole now – but at the time? Sure it’s €2.50!

6. The night always, always ended with a rousing headbang to Killing In The Name

Source: RATMVEVO/YouTube

Looking back, it was cringe. But there’s no denying that when you were in the thick of it you felt REALLY cool.

7. When they started charging €2 in, everyone was DISGUSTED

#zweieuro #two #euro #europe #germany #frankfurtcity #frankfurt #badhomburg #twoeuro #coins #coin #instafun #instamood #l4l #vibes #goodvibe #girl #poetry #vsco #istanbul #nyc #uk #china #india #pakistan #japan #love #travel Source: Instagram/b_yorself

That’s when we should have known it was coming to an end.

8. Then, to further the indignity, they segregated queues by gender

320593_2719593029016_1320205249_n Source: Facebook/Rory Lynam

They had to thoroughly search bags, crotches and pockets, because you can’t rely on students to not try and sneak drink in somewhere, even if everything costs €2.

9. And thus began the Wednesday morning emails telling everyone off

“Because of the amount of trouble that has been occurring at Toxic Tuesdays of late…”

giphy Source: Giphy

Essentially a college-wide slap on the wrist, with the SU President given the unenviable job of sternly saying “BOLD! Bold!” to hundreds of sniggering 20-year-olds.

10. Wishing people would just stop overturning bins so you could have your Toxic Tuesday in peace

View from my front door. I think the wheelie bins are ganging up on me Source: Instagram/ctwink

Because the bins were always the first victims of student mischief.

11. But then, crushingly, it was cancelled

The email that rocked DCU.


12. Hearing that they do something called ‘Shite Nite’ now, and knowing it’s not the same

1489099_673385122724100_326761013_n Source: Facebook/NuBar DCU

You kids don’t know the truth.

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