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13 toys every eighties Irish kid coveted for Christmas

Dear Santy…

YOU COULDN’T ALWAYS have everything you wanted for Christmas.

Sure Santy could only carry so much and there were only so many toys to go around.

Here are some of the treasures that were so often coveted, but so rarely delivered…

Sylvanian Families

These still cost a squillion euro, right?

Brown rabbits family Source: Freddycat1

Rose of Sylvania Source: Freddycat1

Mr Frosty

Parents the world over knew the hassle they were in for if they purchased this: An unholy mess and the inability of children to wait for ice to freeze.

1f85fa48e39af8f7a67a550efb1d1089 Source: Pinimg

Wisekracking Alf doll

Another pricey addition to the eighties Christmas toy list.

alf Source: MattOnFire/Tumblr

The Fisher Price Doll House

Look at the size of this thing. Look at the tiny furniture, and the attic! Oh the attic!

Vintage Ad #1,539: The Spacious New Fisher-Price Doll House Source: jbcurio

Transformers (robots in disguise)

Three toys in one? Notions.

tra Source: Hasbro/Transformers Wiki

The Fisher Price Record Player

You may have had the tape recorder, but the record player was another level altogether.

80s-fisher-price-audio-media-toys Source: Oldfashionedsusie

Mouse Trap

This one caused way too much racket and way too many fights.

mousze Source: ebay.com

Castle Greyskull

Tricky to get your hands on in 1980s Ireland. A highly coveted item.

motu-castle-grayskull-1982-mattel Source: Vintageactionfigures

Cabbage Patch Kids

cabb Source: angelfire

Many Irish children made do with the inferior ‘Cauliflower Kids’ instead.

cauli Source: InThe80s

Big Red Fun Bus

These always seemed to be the preserve of play schools, creches and other people’s houses.

bus Source: doyouremember.co.uk

See also:  The Big Yellow Teapot

Big Yellow Teapot Source: unloveablesteve


The fancy one mind, with the floodlights.

floodl Source: Pinterest

Nintendo (NES)

The original (and some might say the best).

NES-Console-Set Source: Wikimedia Commons

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