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Tracie's 'Jesus was a ghost' epiphany was the funniest bit on Gogglebox Ireland last night

“How did Jesus die *after* he rose from the dead?” was the big question of the show.

goggleboxirl Source: 3player

OUR FAVOURITE TELLY-watching families in fine form on Gogglebox Ireland last night.

This week, they tuned in to a calving on Big Week on the Farm, the Irish in Oz on Bondi Rescue, and a documentary about Mary Magdalene.

The latter inspired quite a bit of religious discussion in all of the households – but the Liberties ladies found themselves in a bit of a quandary. Namely, how did Jesus die?

he rose Source: 3player

Anita: How did he die?
Tracie: Well, he rose and history stopped.
Anita: But what happened to him?

The programme moved on to the other families, but when they returned to the Liberties, Tracie was still puzzling over Jesus’ death.

3player Source: 3player

She eventually decided to ring her mam to get it straight once and for all:

Heya mam. Have you any idea how Jesus died? Not on the cross, he *rose* from the dead. But what happened to him then?
Tracie: After he got out of the tomb he walked up a hill and went to heaven?
Tracie’s Ma: He was a ghost, Tracie.
Tracie: Oh, he was a ghost. OK.

There you have it, guys.

Needless to say, everyone watching at home was cracking up.

There have also been appeals to get Tracie’s mother on the show:

Never say Gogglebox is mindless TV. Haven’t we learned now that Jesus was a ghost? Thank you, Tracie’s ma!

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