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15 of the fastest growing hipster baby names in Ireland

Get them while they’re hot.

Babies Behind Bars Source: AP/Press Association Images

TODAY, THE CSO released the list of the most popular baby names in Ireland for 2015.

Jack and Emily remain the most popular baby names in Ireland with the top five looking a little something like this…

5 Source: amy

But there are also tons of cool hipster baby names on the rise.


1. Mila

girl Source: Flickr

The big winner in this year’s baby name ranking? That would be Mila, which has entered the top 100 for the first time. In 2010, just 7 little Milas were born. Five years later and 72 Milas were registered in Ireland.

And with good reason: it’s adorable.

2. Ollie

ollie Source: Flickr

Ah, Ollie. A good, honest name if ever there was one. And it’s back in vogue. In five short years, it’s climbed 135 places with 118 baby Ollies being born in Ireland last year.

Ollie Ollie Ollie, oi oi oi!

3. Isla

isla Source: Flickr

Ooh, Isla. Trés trendy altogether.

It is now the 73rd most popular name in Ireland. The power of Isla Fisher, perhaps?

4. Rosie

bbay Source: Flickr

You would think that Rosie is the type of name to always be hanging around the lower regions of the top 100, but not so!

According to the CSO, this is Rosie’s first appearance inside the top 100, having climbed from 211th place in 2010. We blame Rosie Hackett.

5. Luca

boy Source: Flickr

Luke too passé for you? Why not take some inspiration from our Italian friends and name your little one Luca? It’s ranked 100th, so it’s still hipster enough to get away with.

6. Logan

baby2 Source: Flickr

Logan is one of the names that has experienced the most growth in popularity between 2010 and 2015. It is now the 59th most popular boys’ name in the country.

We can only assume their parents are all Johnny Logan superfans.

7. Sadie

girll Source: Flickr

No doubt about it, Sadie is an adorable name. No surprise then that it’s seriously on the rise –  it is now the 32nd most popular girls’ name in Ireland having languished in 177th place in 2010.

Nice work, Sadies.

8. Fiadh

toddler Source: Flickr

9. Hugo

bab Source: Flickr

Lurking down in 91st place is Hugo, a name that entered the top 100 for the first time last year and shows no signs of shifting. You go, Hugo.

11. Maisie

masi Source: Flickr

In 82nd place, we have Maisie, which re-enters the top 100 after a two-year absence. It’s been gradually climbing the ranks since 2010 when it was ranked 124th. 

Get on it while it’s hot.

12. Amelia

aa Source: Flickr

Technically Amelia has been popular for years now, but let’s take a moment to appreciate how far it’s come: in 2010, it was 34th and now it’s 5th.

The force is strong with this one.

13. Mason

mason Source: Flickr

According to the CSO, Mason has experienced the most growth in popularity of any boys’ name over the last five years. Last year, 159 Masons were born, making it the 39th most popular name in the country.

What a time to be alive.

14. Annabelle

sho Source: Flickr

Breaking the top 100 for the first time is Annabelle (86th place), which has jumped 91 places since 2010.

Gorgeous, tbh.

15. Freya

frey Source: Flickr

Evidently, we have a lot of Norse mythology in Ireland as Freya, the goddess of love and fertility, is now the 33rd most popular name in Ireland.

Very exotic.

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