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People on Twitter were raging about missing the Trinity Ball last night

There was a serious amount of FOMO.

HAVE YOU SPOTTED an odd number of young people doing the walk of shame in formal dress this morning?

Chances are they’re on their way home from The Trinity Ball, Trinity College’s annual night of musical mayhem.

Those who managed to get tickets were out in force from the early evening, but as the night wore on those who didn’t took to Twitter to express their dismay.

This young lady started to wonder whether or not pinching her pennies had been such a good idea.

This lad was just wondering if he’d EVER get to go to The Ball?

Full blown fear of missing out (FOMO) set in for these girls

Source: Giphy

And the endless flow of Snapchats from friends at the Ball definitely didn’t help to ease these girls’ heartache.

Even the people casually walking past felt the pull.


And one lad was actually reduced to tears.

Source: Giphy

The Ball was apparently so wonderful that the fear of missing out hit this young lass just this morning.

Maybe they should have all taken a leaf out of this guy’s book?

Oh well, there’s always next year eh?

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