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11 reasons trying on clothes is the absolute worst

A necessary evil.

GETTING NEW CLOTHES? Fantastic. Shopping for and trying on these new clothes? Worst. Thing. Ever.

1. Firstly, it’s never ever simple

You never just grab a load of clothes, head to the changing room, and try them on. There’s always something there to thwart you.

2. There are the ridiculous fitting room queues

Tweet by @Ciara Fitz Source: Ciara Fitz/Twitter

We’re looking at you, Zara.

3. And the stress of tugging the curtains this way and that to ensure you’re fully covered

CbaVDfAUcAAgIB- Source: Twitter/@_Miss_Clark_

Having to touch them at all is incredibly upsetting.

4. Then there’s the realisation that the lighting is completely unforgiving

Tweet by @Slaglita Source: Slaglita/Twitter

5. Those side-mirrors that show you angles of yourself you’ve never wished to see

Tweet by @F x i z y y y- Source: F x i z y y y-/Twitter

So considerate of you to show us exactly how the light hits the back of our legs. Thanks a lot.

6. The sweat. Dear god the sweat

giphy Source: Giphy

There is no such thing as a pleasantly cool changing room.

7. Having to ask for another size and just standing around half-naked until it arrives

standing Source: popsugar

*thinks about life and choices*

8. One word: Jeans

ClbBZwXWAAAdY8H Source: Twitter/@Zoesbluebells

Can’t get into them, can’t get out of them. Maybe I should just get used to my second skin.

9. The thorough annihilation of your self-confidence when things don’t fit

Z3u8mpL Source: Imgur

“It’s fine, I hate having nice things anyway.”

10. And the sheer embarrassment when you get stuck in something

Ul-XrUJenfOx Source: Zimbio

You could be left like this FOREVER.

11. So you resolve to never try on in the shop ever again…

…But you always find yourself staring at your sweaty, poorly-lit reflection in some River Island fitting room or other. You can’t stay away.

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