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17 times Tumblr perfectly summed up your life

Truth bombs.


1. For about 95% of the month

bankaccount Source: Tumblr

2. It’s a real phobia

tumblr7 Source: nicnel

3. Everyone’s 20s

twenties2 Source: ThisChronicleLife

4. Goals for the future

me irl Source: Imgur

5. Childhood

childhood Source: Tumblr

6. Where are the lifehacks for real problems?

readingpositions Source: Imgur

7. S**t just got real

tumblr2 Source: Tumblr

8. Every time

fancy Source: Imgur

9. Not knowing where you stand

fellowkids Source: backrowforlifeTumblr

10. Trying to make conversation when you’re locked

tumblr1 Source: Tumblr

11. Actually, attempting anything on a night out won’t end well

ireland Source: Tumblr

12. Dropping your friend off in a taxi

princessnight Source: trollingpotato/Tumblr

13. When sleep is your number one priority

tumblr3 Source: nightmare2071

14. And how Dad jokes are a constant

dadchat2 Source: Imgur

15. How we all lie to ourselves

winereplace Source: tumblr

16. The diet starts tomorrow

tumblr9 Source: Tumblr

17. Every single person

jlaw Source: Tumblr

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