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15 Tumblr posts only women will truly find funny

It’s US.

TUMBLR IS A TREASURE chest of beauty.

1. When people come over

PastedImage-62488 Source: idontspeakmonkey.tumblr.com

2. Bra problems

Source: the dark man took my son/Tumblr

3. It sums us up, post-shave

Source: æ lmao/Tumblr

4. But knows exactly how to cheer us up

PastedImage-64093 Source: http://may.tumblr.com

5. The perfect response

PastedImage-82776 Source: http://rittie.tumblr.com

6. We’ve all been there

Source: Daisies And Forget-me-nots/Tumblr

7. They sum up periods so well

alegs Source: http://leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas.tumblr.com

8. And men’s perception of us


9. Nah, mate

Source: t r a i t o r/Tumblr

10. What do we believe?


11. It makes us feel strong


12. Because we are, emotionally

PastedImage-10260 Source: jaclcfrost.tumblr.com

13. And physically


14. Check me for leaks, yeah

alol Source: makingtodayaperfectday. tumblr.com

15. But look, it’s not all about us

PastedImage-65760 Source: http://fathippyfeminist.tumblr.com

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