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17 sudden realisations that will blow your mind

Time to log off the internet.

THINGS ARE ABOUT to get deep.

1. This movie revelation

6oRjETZ Source: Imgur

2. We’ve been had all along

t9iYKff Source: Imgur

3. You thug

FVLy8Sd Source: Imgur

4. Cannot unread

M1net89 Source: Imgur

5. * Asks mam to pick you up*


6. It’s all so clear now…

BQp1Z3a Source: Imgur

7. Hallelujah

qDsJpTV Source: Imgur

8. Yet another space conspiracy

UjPzl24 Source: Imgur

9. Well that explains a lot

8dFdqVD Source: Imgur

10. We need to go deeper

3dTSOE6 Source: Imgur

11. Omgg

Fog7WIW Source: Imgur

12. Being one of the first people on earth must’ve been way hard

neIf6el Source: Imgur

13. Ponder THIS

tumblr_mxpevtnYuw1rdzwbno1_500 Source: Tumblr

14. Eh wait, back to the tongue thing

0NUP24w Source: Imgur

15. Wut

Itb3tmg Source: Imgur


tee5I8Y Source: Imgur

17. OK, that’s enough internet for today

2nkZlOg Source: Imgur

This sign will change the way you look at bathroom doors forever>

You’ve been peeling garlic wrong your entire life>

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