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Your guide to the website that cost Yahoo a billion dollars
Well, to all the funny bits anyway.

YOU MAY HAVE heard the news that Yahoo! have spent $1.1 billion dollars on the blogging platform Tumblr.

Tumblr’s audience, which boasts a large concentration of teens and people in their early 20s, is already fretting that the service is going to become more stodgy and commercial under the ownership of an 18-year-old company that seems ancient by Internet standards.

Not only that but Tumblr has it’s own unique style and certainly takes some getting used to.

But what kind of stuff are Yahoo! getting for their $1.1 billion dollars?

We’ve had a look at the kind of thing that happens on Tumblr.

1. Teen updates

Want to know what “the kids” are up to?

Well they seem to be teaching younger children about “#YOLO”:

Sneaking Out of Reality / Tumblr

2. Lots of people making fun of Yahoo!

With GIFs like this:

Joost5 / Tumblr

3.  There are fairly amazing pictures of goats on trampolines

Looking At The Stars /Tumblr

4. People have usernames that cannot be repeated for fear of offending families

via Twitter

5. There are good jokes about babies

via Imgur

6. People post uber-angsty stuff

Like this:

C-o-ll-a-g-e / Tumblr

and this:

C-o-ll-a-g-e / Tumblr

7. People can be really funny

via Unfriendable

8. Life dilemmas are discussed

via Imgur

9. Lots of One Direction stuff

Including weird fan fiction like this:

Devine Loving / Tumblr

10. You get to find out what the kids need help with.

Spoiler alert: everything

Kanyewesticle / Tumblr

11. Important questions about animals

via Imgur

- Additional reporting by Associated Press

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