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Turkish deputy PM says women shouldn't laugh in public...

… so they’re laughing even more

si Ban this sick filth! Source: Shutterstock.com

WOMEN LAUGHING IN public is not an expression of joy or frivolity.

Rather, it’s a mark of the unchaste!

So says Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, who has decreed that women should not “laugh in public. She will not make display of her attractiveness”.

The International Business Times reports that Arınç made the comments during a speech to end Turkey’s celebration of the end of Ramadan.

In his Eid address he spoke of the importance of chastity, calling it an “ornament for both women and men”.

Turkish women are not taking this lying down. They’re laughing.

The women are posting the images on social media with the hashtags #kahkaha (laugh) and #direnkahkaha (resist, laugh). Might we also suggest the hashtag #YouRidiculousMan?

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