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19 things that start happening when you're almost 30

Anyone for a rollover?

The Electric Picnic - Dublin Source: PA WIRE

1. You might go to Electric Picnic, but are there any hotel rooms left in Portlaoise?

2. You’re wearing that outfit to your fourth wedding his year and you don’t give a DAMN how many people have already seen it on Facebook

3. Finding out the M&S Dine in for Two choices gives you a thrill like no other

4. You’ll happily pay more for a direct flight rather than a four hour stopover in Gatwick

Gatwick Shuttle inter-terminal transit train launch Source: PA WIRE

5. ‘Late’ used to mean falling into bed at 4am. Now, it’s anything past 10.45pm

6. You still have spots, but also have wrinkles

7. Paint sample cards are like catnip to you


8. Ditto a trip to Woodies or B&Q

9. New Year’s Eve fills you with a dread like no other, and you start telling everyone in November that you’re STAYING IN

11. You end up going out anyway. You should have stayed in

12. You feel a fiery hot rage when 24-year-olds refer to themselves as ‘old’

13. You realise that things you always considered ‘old’ were actually younger than you now, like the characters in Friends


14. You regularly buy Rennies

15. You did a rollover eight months ago and you’re still dining out on it, telling anyone who’ll listen

16. Toys that were beloved to you as a child are now ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’ and ‘gas’


17. Teens fail to hide their disbelief when you tell them of a bygone age before mobile phones

18. You regularly think about how many children/mortgages/responsibilities your parents had when they were your age and rejoice in your boundless youth and freedom

19. But you’re still going to bed at 8.45pm tonight

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