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yoghurt orgasm

10 things people are sick of seeing on TV ads

Ah here.

1. Gross misrepresentation of food portion sizes

zJGJUh0 Imgur Imgur

We’re ONTO you. Never has a bag of crisps been that full.

2. In fact, the prettiness of fast food in their ads is a sham and a farce

yoghurts3 Youtube Youtube

The crispiest lettuce we have ever seen.

3. The standard orgasm that every woman has when they taste yoghurt


“The yoghurt is so good it’s positively sexual” said no one ever.

4. The car sweeping majestically through the desert when it really should show its performance in a traffic jam on the M50

Chevrolet Volt commercial in a desert Aolcdn Aolcdn

This is not our lives.

5. Ads that just go ahead and make up cute words

substantial Twitter Twitter


6. When the characters are in the middle of a real life situation and then start talking directly to the camera

characters Ulster Bank / YouTube Ulster Bank / YouTube / YouTube


7. When the people talking clearly have a local accent dubbed in

Noooo. It’s just hard to watch.

8. The painfully awkward celeb endorsement

henshaw YouTube YouTube

9. Completely over the top dramatic scientific scenes in the lab where they obviously make pads

always YouTube YouTube

10. And here, when adding a fifth blade to a razor becomes the greatest scientific achievement of the century

fusion YouTube YouTube

With the real life scienticians working hard on it.

What next? A sixth blade? Hardly. We can dream.

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