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Here's what Twitter thought about TV3's new soap Red Rock

The first episode aired tonight. But were the highly discerning Irish public impressed?

The lovely Gardaí of Red Rock
The lovely Gardaí of Red Rock
Image: TV3

SO, WHICH ARE YOU – #TeamKiely or #TeamHennessy?

Tonight marked the debut of TV3′s new soap and potential rival to RTÉ’s Fair City, Red Rock.

It centres on a busy Garda station in the fictional Dublin suburb of Red Rock, where two families, the Kielys and the Hennessys, are at war.

We’ve had a look at the action-packed first episode here, but what did Twitter think?

The overall reaction was positive, with loads of viewers praising the high production values, top notch acting and juicy plot:

Not everyone was completely taken in, of course.

But one thing almost everyone agreed on was that the harmonica-driven theme tune/sting HAS to go. Eastenders’ iconic “dum-dum-dum-dum-dumdumdumdum” it ain’t.

Catch the next episode tomorrow at 8.30pm on TV3.

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