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6 of the most gas kids from the TV3 Toy Show auditions

Backflips, ballroom dancers, Rubik’s cube geniuses… We got them all.

BUCKLE UP, BECAUSE it’s Toy Show time again (yes, already).

TV3 will compete with RTÉ once more, with their offering airing first on Friday November 20.

TV3 Toy Show Auditions (6) TV3 TV3

Tonight, we got a taster of what’s to come with a one-hour special from the auditions, hosted by the luminous Maria Walsh .

Here are 7 particularly gas kids to keep an eye for next Friday.

Oggie from Cork, the dinosaur expert

dinosaursoggie TV3 TV3

Oggie couldn’t resist showing off a bit in front of the former Rose of Tralee – he’s well able to protect her from the dinosaurs, you know:

I could easily outrun these. They’re just big lumbering giants anyway.

The world-weary only male member of the SuperTones choir


onlyboy TV3 TV3

He was immediately picked out by Maria, and explained with a sigh:

There are other boys, but none of them showed up.

We’re here for you, bro.

This tiny pair of ballroom dancers

ballroom TV3 TV3

They overcame a fit of the giggles to dance to a super-slowed down version of I Like To Move It Move It, and our hearts burst.

The guy who could solve a Rubik’s cube in 44 seconds

We unfortunately weren’t quick enough to catch Maria Walsh’s “How are you real?” face as he solved it, but her amazement was echoed by the viewers at home:

These two gals, squabbling over a boy they saw at the auditions

TV3 Ireland / YouTube

Poor Kyle.

The very talented dancer Syesha-Lily, with her AMAZING hair

TV3 Toy Show Auditions (4) TV3 TV3

Check out the bun the size of her head, which magically stayed in place as she backflipped out of the audition room:


The wave!

Catch the TV3 Toy Show (hosted by Maria Walsh and Brian Ormond) next Friday, November 20, at 8pm. Holidays are comin’, holidays are comin’…

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