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The 17 tweets that failed the hardest in 2015

Good writtens to everyone who hates us cause they anus.

17. This medical doctor

Source: OpenStax College/CC

16. This lonely state

15. This history expert

Source: Dan Perry/David Goehring via Flickr

14. This very painful injury

Source: Freddycat1

(FYI: labrals)

13. This particular ocean

Source: @Antwaniki

12. These illicit snacks

Source: Richard Munckton/Walt Stoneburner via Flickr

11. This unconventional seating arrangement

Source: Mike/Ralk Roletschek via CC

10. This relaxation guru

Source: thomaswanhoff

9. This putdown

Source: cgo2

8. This wet friendship

Source: Wikimedia Commons

7. This teenage fad

Source: H. Michael Miley

6. This message to the haters

Source: krossbow

5. This personal manifesto

Source: Kevin Dooley

4. This high-achieving single

Source: Enokson

3. This hot dinner

Source: Henner Zeller/William Warby via Flickr

2. This Double Aunt Andre

Source: PA Images/Mark Morgan via Flickr

1. And this.

Source: Emilian Robert Vicol/James Kimberlin via Flickr

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