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Tweet Sweeper: Brian McFadden's Page Three photoshoot

Our pick of the week’s tweets from famous people.

BRIAN McFADDEN HAD an exciting week, including a photo shoot with famed Page Three photographer Jeany Savage.

Fortunately, he was keeping everything under wraps.

Tweet Sweeper: Brian McFadden's Page Three photoshoot
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  • Thanks Brian, from all of us.

    Source: Twitter
  • Seth Rogen is a man of the people.

  • Thanks for the advice, Michael Lohan.

  • VG, Mark from Blink 182.

  • We'd rather not, thanks.

  • Nick Carter fancied a chat

  • Alas, no one seemed up for it

  • But he REALLY wanted to chat, you guys.

  • Charlotte Church had a brush with Ryanair.

  • Emile Hirsch was twisting our melons, man.

  • Justin finally asked himself some deep philosophical questions.

  • Listen Diddy, that's all well and good in theory, but we know doctors who would suggest that's not a great idea.

  • Look at the RTs and favourites. Just look.

  • My, that Miley Cyrus really is growing up.

  • Neither did we, Zach Braff, neither did we.

  • NEVER!

  • Oh Hank. We're gonna miss you.

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