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Tweet Sweeper: Idris Elba wants to talk about your toilets
All the best of the week’s tweets from famous people.

KANYE AND JAY-Z may watch the throne but Idris Elba’s got a much closer eye on it.

This tough guy’s got a favourite loo and he really can’t believe you don’t have one too.

We’d wager that he’s totally bowled over.

The going’s getting tough in this boy’s zone

Sharing a moment with a man who isn’t BOD? Scandalous

Oh Captain, my captain

Hey Hilary Duff, fancy a trip down memory lane with this fella?

All together now “NAH, NAH, NAH-NAH”

Instagram Instagram

Katy Perry’s review of Miley’s gob lobbing skills went down well

What noise does a Gladiator make in battle?


Ours too Meave, ours too

Guess who’s back?

 And speaking of the week’s best tweets

Irish style

Thejournal Thejournal

We’ve all been there

R u ok hun? xoxo

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