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Tweet Sweeper: Who has just learnt about "arse biscuits"?

Our pick of the week’s tweets from famous people.

WELL, IT’S OUR old favourite Amanda Brunker of course.

The seemingly shameless blonde confessed this week on Twitter that she’s just getting acquainted with the word.

Us? Been using it years.

Tweet Sweeper: Who has just learnt about "arse biscuits"?
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  • Don't hold back, Amanda. Not that you ever do.

  • Oh, get over yourself already.

  • And you'll be the first subscriber, Josh.

  • No.

  • Wassup right back at you, Cher!

  • All you what? All you WHAT?

  • Manche- What? WHAT?

  • See? They're just like us underneath it all.

  • Um. Come again?

  • We thizzle so too.

  • Oh dear Lord. Thanks for the mental image, BOD.

  • You two!

  • Self-praise is no praise. Remember that, Nadine.

  • Wiley, step away from Twitter and festivals.

  • Cringe.

  • Jay Z likes Toxic? We've always said it was one of her best.

  • Zip it, twerp.

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