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6 things we actually need Twitter to sort out immediately

We don’t need more characters. We need JUSTICE.

YESTERDAY, RECODE reported that Twitter is working on a new product that will allow users to share tweets longer than 140 characters.

Twitter stock Source: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Will Oremus of Slate says the idea isn’t to do away with the 140 characters completely, but that people would be able to publish longer pieces to the site, and users would expand the tweet to read an article/blog post in full.

This is all well and good, Twitter, but there are things you need to sort out, pronto.

1. An edit button

Lighting so good, had me like.... Source: Instagram/kimkardashian

We’ve been saying this since day one. EVEN KIM KARDASHIAN AGREES.

Don’t allow us to ruin a good tweet because of a spelling/grammatical error any more. It’s just not fair.

2. A substantial grace period between faving something and a notification appearing about saidfave

How many times have you accidentally favourited a weeks-old tweet while on a creep? You can take it back, but the person will still get a notification.

Our creeping efforts are constantly being hampered by this fear. No more, we say.

3. This

Not necessary, Twitter.

4. Make it so pictures/links don’t take up your 140 characters

THIS is how you make space for people to say more.

5. Get rid of this sneaky follow button on the app

CORyCEAUEAAlX6O Source: Twitter/@mmeezzyy

Actually dangerous.

6. And the ”Your tweet is getting more favourites than usual!” notification

wiener.gif Source: Ymaservices

Stop reminding us our tweets are normally shite :(

Do this, and then and ONLY THEN will we talk about more characters. Cheers, bbz.

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