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The 8 best Twitter reactions to the John Lewis Christmas ad

What did Twitter have to say about Monty the Penguin?

THIS MORNING, JOHN Lewis unleashed its Christmas ad on the world and introduced us to Monty the Penguin, the stuffed animal at the centre of the spectacle.

Whether you have hopelessly fallen for the ad’s sentimental charms or are just completely cynical about the whole thing, several of you have weighed in.

In fact, old Monty is still trending in Ireland.

monty Source: Twitter

But what did you have to say?

1. Some were left emotionally ruined by the whole thing.

2. Others felt threatened.

3. A lot of people went for this gag.

4. Others had important questions to ask.

5. The slightly sad look on the Mum’s face was lost on nobody.

6. Some people sympathised with John Lennon.

7. Waterstones got a quality dig in at Benedict Cumberbatch. (AKA he who cannot pronounce ‘penguins‘.)

8. Finally, this real-life John Lewis, who has been accidentally tagged in countless tweets, was pretty magnanimous about the whole thing.

That’s the spirit.

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