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9 problems we’re still waiting for the government to solve

A lot done…

Image: Photocall Ireland

SO THE COALITION has been in government for two years now, and they have – as the old saying goes – a lot done, more to do.

The Taoiseach has said that they are delivering on recovery, while Eamon Gilmore claims that Labour has brought Ireland “from chaos to stability”.

That’s all grand lads, but what about the real issues affecting the people?…

1. Where’s our national Father Ted holiday?

We want a proper public holiday, with a day off and everything.

COYBIG.ie/Ellenor Lehane

2. Ditto a national Packie Bonner Day

A nation holds its breath… still.


3. Can we not put a roof on Ireland?

Sure it would be a great little country then.

“I voted for this crowd because they promised a roof” (Photocall Ireland)

4. There’s still no national warning system for when someone leaves for the supermarket without a bag for life

ARGH! I forgot the f***ing bags (Shutterstock.com)

5. When you step on a broken kerb and the street juice splashes out onto your sock….

Can we get a committee together to sort this out please?

Ugh. Street juice. (John Morgan/Flickr/Creative Commons)

6. That little tab on a carton of milk still breaks off at least half the time

The people won’t stand for this!

Feckers (Homespooled.com)

Oh, a jug, is it Taoiseach? (Photocall Ireland)

7. Can we draw up a draft plan for a button that can simply be pressed to get a new passport?

Because all Irish people leave everything until the last minute (Photocall Ireland)

8. We need a comprehensive learning strategy for what all the buttons on the washing machine do

They might as well be in Japanese (Jim212jim/Flickr/Creative Commons)

9. Ditto for how to fold a fitted sheet

The agony and the ecstasy (Via Imgur)

9 Father Ted quotes you can use every day>

So, what if #PromNight was a real prom?

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