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# tweet deal
Politics students at UCC had the option of answering an exam question as a tweet
We can’t decide if it’d be a walk in the park or sneakily tricky.

GETTING EXACTLY WHAT you want to say into one tweet is a surprisingly tricky task, and it seems lecturers have cottoned on to this fact.

A recent second year French politics exam at University College Cork included one question which had to be answered in 140 characters.

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You are a professor in French politics at the London School of Economics. Compose a tweet of no more than 140 characters (it includes letters and spaces) to outline the impact of the French Spring on French political life.

French politics wouldn’t be our forte, so we can’t say how tricky or not tricky this question is. But if anyone ever needs a 140-character answer to a question about cat videos, hit us up. We’ll sort you out.

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