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23 things you'll only know if you went to University College Cork

Roll from the Old Bar for lunch?

TRINITY’S HAD ITS go, and DCU, and now it’s time to head out of the capital to the rebel county.

1. You know who George Boole is, even though you know nothing about maths

Sure aren’t half the buildings around campus named after him?

(Okay, so it’s just the library and the lecture theatres, but still)


George Boole lived here Steve Bowbrick Steve Bowbrick

2. Walking across the quad is a sign of pure madness

Strolling through the centre of the quad is just ASKING to fail your exams, you dope.

quad Irish Typepad / Flickr Irish Typepad / Flickr / Flickr

3. You’re either a Mini Rest or a Main Rest person for lunch

Specialising in watery mystery vegetable soup and chips. Lovely chips.

French Fries with platter - Limor's avlxyz avlxyz

If you’re really fancy you go to the Student Centre. Notions.

4. If you live in Brookfield or Victoria Mills then your place is a free for all

You’re essentially extending an open invitation to half of your classmates to pop in for tea/whatever you’re having yourself between lectures.


5. If you don’t live in Brookfield or Victoria Mills, then chances are you at some point lived off Magazine Road, Wilton or Barrack Street


6. The toilets in Q+1 have some pretty decent graffiti

Some great toilet graffiti.. ciaranos1 ciaranos1

The same goes for the Kane


And the whole campus in general


7. You won’t get an energy drink for love nor money in An Siopa during exams

Just try laying your hands on a Coke or a Red Bull in the week before or during Summer exam hell.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-13447-1386436150-5 Buzzfed Buzzfed

8. It’s worth queuing for a roll at the Old Bar

Heavy on the cheese.


9. While we’re at it, the Old Bar is much cooler than Club Áras


10. You got lost in the O’Rahilly Building for a weekend once

748856 Gr-assets Gr-assets

11. You’ve had the best sleeps of your life at the back of Boole 4

So warm and comfy and huge anZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz….


12. You dream of one day getting a seat on Q+3 around exam time

Ah the most coveted floor of the Boole Library.


13. You crossed the Shakey Bridge behind the Mardyke

And you jumped up and down on it at least once.

File:ShakeyBridgeCorkIreland.jpg Wikipedia Wikipedia

14. Everyone has rubbed an Ogham Stone in the West Wing at some point

Cork’s very own Buddha.

The cloistered walkway Jelly Dude Jelly Dude

 15.  The Kane is fierce “Soviet-looking”

And according to one former student smells of:

… bunsen burners and regret


16. If you’re an Arts student you’ve been late to countless tutorials because you couldn’t find them

You were probably taking one of the minor subjects located in one of the random off-site old rambling houses.


17. It’s the prettiest campus in Ireland

Look at it. Drink it in with your eyes.

University College Cork bridge Flickr Flickr

18. You are intimately acquainted with every student deal the length and breadth of Washington Street and Oliver Plunkett Street

examining a fried chicken sandwich 2 stevendamron stevendamron

19. Dr Andrew ‘The King’ King plays Frank Sinatra music at the end of each lecture

Andrew King. Photograph by Tomas Tyner, UCC.

20. The Kane has an Apache Pizza

Just what you need after a tough morning of graduated cylinders and litmus tests.


21. Skull and crossbones made UCC jerseys the best


22. Being better than the techies from Bishopstown (aka Cork Institute of Technology) is very important


23. You’re still wondering if that rumour about the decommissioned nuclear reactor in the basement of the Kane is true

Psst it is true.

According to the Irish Examiner in July 2013:

UCC has stored two and half tonnes of uranium rods in the basement of its physics department since 1986.

c48a4fe8-5ef8-48a1-a147-1ea5e4cb3b15 Geocaching Geocaching

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