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# Lost and Found
This guy lost this wallet... and got the worst note from the person who found it
“I kept the cash because I needed weed.”
# food habits
12 revoltingly common childhood food habits
We’re not here to judge, but… GROSS.
# Ugh
The weather is going to be manky today - and traffic isn't great either
As if going back after a bank holiday wasn’t hard enough.
# Ugh
The cast of the female Ghostbusters visited a hospital... and were viciously trolled on Facebook
By men unhappy with the remake. *facepalm*
# Ugh
A long list of everyday items that are dirtier than your toilet seat
# Humans are Gross
Your pillows are filled with dust mites and dead skin cells — here's how to wash them
You’ll need tennis balls.
# Ugh
There is a Reddit forum dedicated to sharing nude photos of women at festivals
The forum has operated since 2012 and was uncovered last week.
# Ugh
Men's magazine apologises for offensive article on talking about sports with women
# fapworthy
Website pairs porn clips with Upworthy-style headlines
It’s called Fapworthy. *shudders*
# glast-no
Not bothered about the Glastonbury line-up? You're not alone
Not everyone is in the festival spirit.
# Achoo
How to sneeze properly
Do it wrong and you could break a rib.
# What the fliuch
Why does Google's homepage say today is the first day of spring?
Let’s clear this up.
# printed oreos
10 insufferably smug tweets from SXSW
Yeah we get it, you’re all changing the world.
# Ugh
Live insects, glass... and a human tooth in a takeaway --- a busy year for the food safety hotline
There was a surge of complaints to the FSAI’s helpline last year. Surprisingly, only 33 related to the horse meat scandal.
# flying solo
8 depressing meals that will make you feel better about your solo cooking
Dimly lit meals for one is the grimmest tumblr you’ll see today.
# chatterbox
The 9 absolute worst people you can watch a movie with
Silence is golden.
# Hospitals
Some non-critical facilities to be moved from Galway hospital
Services within the HSE West hospital structure are to be re-balanced in a bid to reduce waiting times at University Hospital Galway, with some non-critical facilities to be moved within the month.
# Ugh
Rats on a plane: Qantas grounds flight after baby rodents found
The animals were discovered in a cupboard on the Boeing 767 minutes before it was due to take off in Australia.
# Ugh
One careful owner: JFK assassin's coffin up for sale
Bidding starts at $1,000 for coffin where Lee Harvey Oswald’s body lay for 20 years.