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There is a Reddit forum dedicated to sharing nude photos of women at festivals

The forum has operated since 2012 and was uncovered last week.

A FORUM DEVOTED to posting nude photos of women at festivals has been uncovered on Reddit. The name of the subreddit? Festival Sluts.

According to Noisey, it was founded in 2012 and now has over 30,000 subscribers. It stipulates that it is for “rave and scene girls” only and asks contributors to “keep sluts of other subcultures to yourself”.

Screen-Shot-2014-10-09-at-16-12-38 Source: Noisey

There are numerous photos, GIFs and videos of women at festivals uploaded to the site, some which appear to have been shot covertly.

On this sub-Reddit, there are posts like “Perfect Titties – Download 2014” which shows a GIF of someone (who could easily be under the age of 18) taking her shirt off while on someone’s shoulders. In another photo, “Rolling and Horny at Electric Daisy Carnival,” a woman on someone’s shoulders who’s flashing a breast is shot secretly and unflatteringly from underneath.

Subscribers to the forum have reacted angrily to the article and asserted that it is different to the recent celebrity photo leak because the women were in public at the time.

reddit1 Source: Reddit

Others demonstrated this worrying mindset.

reddit2 Source: Reddit

One of the subreddit’s co-founders weighed in on the furore and stated that because the photos were taken in public, it implies consent. (He did not address the photos that appear to have been taken in a non-consensual manner.)

reddit5 Source: Reddit

In response to a user who stated that he wasn’t comfortable with the name “Festival Sluts,” the co-founder conceded that the name could be construed as offensive.

He further stated that anybody who wants their photos taken down need only get in touch. (This is stated nowhere else in the forum.)

reddit3 Source: Reddit

This is the latest scandal to rock Reddit, which was at the centre of the recent celebrity nude leaks and continues to act as a primary distribution point for the photos. Among the most recent victims of the leak are Matt Smith, Daisy Lowe and Keke Palmer.

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