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12 revoltingly common childhood food habits

We’re not here to judge, but… GROSS.

WE ALL HAD weird food habits as kids, but some were weirder than others. Twitter user and general ledge Louis McSharry posed this question to all you former creepy little people, and the replies had us doing little sicks in our mouths:

1. Yep, icing sugar came up more than once

aa1 Source: activitybucket

2. As did eating OXO cubes

Well, they looked like little sweets in fairness.

Oxo-cubes Source: Ipcdigital

3. Sugar sandwiches

aa22 Source: food.com

4. … what

aa3 Source: angiessouthernkitchen

5. OK we’re bordering on unusual now



6. Bleugh, but beloved of kids everywhere

a4 Source: ibelieveicanfry

7. :(

YX6ZTJ2 Source: Imgur

Little weirdo.

8. Admit it, we all wanted a taste


9. If there’s one thing worse than dry Weetabix…

10277616_10151986855136548_8102074066493182401_n Source: Facebook

10. All kids loved ketchup with shepards pie

aa6 Source: BigBrownTeddy

11. And Jelly from the packet

… despite being told it would give you worms.

aa7 Source: Blogspot

12. What about this just-plain-odd little practice?

Sick. Sick and wrong. Spill your worst in the comments

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