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The Ultimate Twelve Pubs Of Central Dublin

Need a route? Here it is.

WHERE TO TAKE your 12 Pubs group? We have solved your problems.

This carefully considered route has four distinct phases. And yes, of COURSE it ends up in Coppers.

Drink sensibly. Pints of water wherever possible.

Phase 1: Warmup

1. The Square Ball

Source: amyohconnor

For starters, a leisurely visit to Bodytonic’s sports bar. Their games room has a selection of vintage board games, and ping pong. PING PONG. Let’s take it handy, shall we? This is a marathon, not a sprint.

2. McGrattans

Source: Facebook

Next, swing by McGrattans for that rare thing in central Dublin: pool tables. A quiet pint, a game of pool… we’re just getting started.

Phase 2: Old Dublin

3. Toners 

Source: Toners Pub

A landmark of Dublin, and (some say) the location of the city’s best snug.

4. Kehoe’s

Source: Kehoes

Lose yourself in the warren of little rooms. Play your cards right and you might be able to swing a singalong with the piano. This is the fourth pub, after all.

5. Stag’s Head

Source: Stags Head

A Dublin landmark, and for good reason. See what’s happening upstairs in the Parlour Bar or try and take over the snug.

Phase 3: New Dublin

6. Pygmalion

Source: Pygmalion

NOW we’re getting started. Pygmalion have some of the city’s most appealing cocktail deals. Two for one Monday to Thursday!

7. Hogan’s

Source: Hogans

It’s the midpoint of the night, so time for somewhere steady and reliable. Hogans while everyone collects themselves.

8. P Mac’s

Source: Kie Carew

We’re getting pretty into it now, so it’s time for a Street Fighter II tournament on the machine tucked away at the back of this new Dublin institution.

Phase 4: The Camden Mile

9. Against The Grain

Source: Against The Grain Dublin

Keep it together and try something weird and wonderful. They also do beer cocktails for anyone who doesn’t want a pint.

10. The Jar 

Source: The Jar

Refuel with the Base wood fired pizza they make right here in what used to be Solas.

11. Whelans

Source: Whelans

If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready for a dance. Whelans first. Come at me.

12. Coppers 

Source: Coppers

YOU MADE IT! Hope you’re wearing your lucky Coppers underwear, because this has been quite the night.

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