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11 questions that only mean something in Ireland

“Are ye well? Cos ye’re lookin well.”

SERIOUSLY. IN ANY other country, you’d get some fierce blank looks.

It’s a special kind of Irish nonsense.

1. “Who’s yer wan?”

An expression of contempt or genuine enquiry, depending on the facial expression used when speaking.

Source: Michael Payne/Flickr

2. “Will you ask yer man for that yoke?”

Could be anyone. Could be anything.

3. “Isn’t there a grand stretch in the evenings sure?”

Ah sure there is, thank God.

Source: TvAds.ie

4. “Ah, will ya ever go ‘way?”

A playful rejoinder for someone acting the maggot.

Source: Flickr/zoetnet

5. “What’s the craic?”

The classic. See also: “Story?”

6. “And what route did you take?”

Indicative of the Irish obsession with differing routes, roads and traffic.

7. “Well boy?”

The only way to answer the phone in some parts of the country.

Source: Flickr/Jmazzoloa

8. “Is that yourself?”

Sure, who else would it be?

Source: GregoriusMundus

9. “Were you scarlet?”

If you have to be asked, you almost definitely were.

Source: Funny-Pics

10. “Would you ever cop on?”

Them’s fightin’ words.

Source: cogdogblog

11. “Sure where would you be going?”

Where indeed.

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