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This dishy University Challenge contestant had everyone hot and bothered last night

The ‘most attractive University Challenge contestant ever’, apparently. Well now.

Cat_0LrWIAA_Rm0 Source: Twitter/@Little_Khaleesi

YOU DON’T WATCH University Challenge expecting to get hot under the collar. But that’s exactly what happened last night when viewers clapped eyes on this contestant.

Ed Bretherton, a medicine student at the University of Liverpool, quickly became the latest University Challenge favourite with his dashing good looks and (gasp) knowledge of rap music.

Viewers were left wondering if they’d stumbled on to the wrong show:

But quickly came to the conclusion that Keanu Reeves-alike Bretherton was possibly the ‘most attractive University Challenge contestant ever’.

People were even going as far as using the aubergine emoji:

He might not have gotten many answers, but he sealed the deal by being surprisingly (for University Challenge) au fait with the work of the rap group NWA in the music round.

Welcome, Bretherton, to the esteemed group of Memorable University Challenge Contestants. Hapax legomenon!

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