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16 unspoken rules everyone should live by

Come on. We’re not animals.

THE FOLLOWING 16 maxims will help you – and those around you – live a satisfied life.

You’re welcome.

1. Never put the milk back in the fridge with just a drop left

Source: Peter aka anemoneprojectors

Anything less than enough for a cup of tea is unacceptable.

2. When you’re going to someone’s house for dinner or a party, show up a few minutes late

Source: Pleuntje

And it also goes without saying that you should always bring something. Always.

3. Never ask someone if they’re pregnant

Source: deanj

It’s too risky.

4. No talking at the urinal

Source: bradleygee

It can wait.

5. If someone holds the door for you, don’t leave them hanging there if there are more people coming

Source: Shutterstock

Say thanks and take the door from them, then pass it to the person behind you.

6. If an awkward silence happens, don’t point it out

Source: John Jewell

It just makes it worse.

7. Replace the toilet paper when it runs out

Source: GorillaSushi

8. If someone shows you a photo on their phone, don’t swipe

Source: Chovee

There are almost certainly images on there you shouldn’t see.

9. Don’t make small talk in the lift

Source: robinsonsmay

It’s already awkward enough.

10. There’s no need to be rude to waiters

Source: ralph and jenny

Or anyone else serving you. (Unless they’re nasty to you, obviously. Then they’re fair game.)

11. Hand people money, don’t put it down on the counter

Source: stevendepolo

12. If you’re sharing a hotel room, it’s common decency not to stink up the bathroom

Source: pdstahl

13. If you’re going to complain on social media, be specific

Source: Passive Aggressive Status

14. The phone does not require your ‘outside voice’

Source: Gari

15. When someone else is eating something, don’t be rude about it

Source: thienzieyung

No matter how disgusting it looks. Your thoughts can wait until they’ve finished.

16. Never fart while wearing headphones

Source: Shutterstock

In your head: useful cover noise. Outside: total silence.

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