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VIDEO: US college party turns into riot

With Trinity and UCD Balls taking place last weekend, gardai will be glad nothing like this kicked off.

Image: Still via KatieCoduto/YouTube

A COLLEGE PARTY at Kent State University in the US got quite out of hand on Saturday… ending in police using smoke bombs and tear gas on students.

Police clad in riot gear were called to College Fest, the annual block party that students hold to celebrate the end of the school year.

Kentwired.com reports that Kent State University, which describes itself as ‘a top Ohio University’ on its website, said that despite a police presence throughout the day, crowds became disorderly.

Police were called in to break up the party and tear gas was used to disperse the crowd of 3000 students who were throwing beer bottles at police officers.  Several arrests were made.

Kent State University tweeted:

A photojournalist captured the college riot as tear gas grenades were being thrown.

(Via YouTube/)

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