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US woman goes to the dentist for surgery, wakes up with an Irish accent

Karen Butler’s Irish accent is also interpreted as English, Scottish, Australian and Transylvanian. She claims to suffer from a rare disorder called Foreign Accent Syndrome.

KAREN BUTLER IS a native of Oregon. But listening to her speak, you might be forgiven for thinking that she’s spent time living in Ireland, Britain, South Africa, Australia and maybe even Transylvania.

She claims to suffer from Foreign Accent Syndrome, an extrememly rare disorder which is characterised by the sufferer speaking differently after a trauma. Some have been afflicted after undergoing surgery or a serious injury, while others develop the syndrome after a stroke. Studies indicate that brain lesions are usually the cause.

Hear Butler’s new accent for yourself:

Some people say that Butler is faking the accent, although she has been talking the same way since her dental surgery in 2009, so that’s a pretty long time to keep up the joke.

Watch British woman Kath Lockett’s Foreign Accent Syndrome story:

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