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13 deadly inventions you are going to want in your life immediately

Why didn’t we think of that?

1. This oh so simple tool that would make every bookworm’s life easier…

Wuck08J Source: Imgur

2. Don’t have anything to put your used chewing gum? Not a problem when your chewing gum comes with these handy Post-its

GuyAv4j Source: Imgur

3. This ingenious device used to squeeze the toothpaste out of the toothpaste tube

insta Source: barbosita9/YouTube

4. This handy way of measuring how much spaghetti you need per serving

71sSLcpQ1HL._SL1500_ Source: Amazon

No more just taking a handful of spaghetti and saying, “Yeah, that looks about right!”

5. Don’t have change for the tip jar? This nifty little invention allows you to swipe your debit or credit card at the counter

This is a nifty invention. Source: Imgur

6. Never worry about getting your book wet in the bath again!

SHRq4px Source: Imgur

7. This super efficient plunger!

lnMKdT7 Source: Imgur

8. This butter knife that grates cold butter and makes it easier to spread

insta Source: Creapills/YouTube


9. This “beard bib” that catches your beard trimmings before they clog up the sink

beardbib Source: The Beard King

10. This couch that turns into a bunk bed in the blink of an eye

Mnp7QqQ Source: Imgur

That sound you hear? It’s every landlord in Ireland purchasing one of these.

11. Never you lose your place on a page again…

8YRyDGD Source: Imgur

12. This keyhole for drunk people

drunk-keyhole Source: Geekologie

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

13. And this deadly apple peeler

XBA02fu Source: Imgur

Look at it go!

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