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Here's what vaginas are called in 9 places around the world

Fair doos!

Pastizz – Malta

Named after a local savoury snack. Can you see why?

img_0966 Source: Wanderlust For Food

Arepa – Colombia

Another food related one. This time it’s a meat-filled flatbread.

Arepas Source: amishrobot

Pićka – Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia

Thought to be derived from ‘petit chat’ (little cat), which “is what French soldiers would call high-cheekboned eastern European women”.

Cute winking kitten! Source: Tambako the Jaguar

Doos - Holland

Doos = box. Fairly straightforward.

LunchBox Source: taiyofj

Passera – Italy

Translates as ‘little sparrow’ or ‘female sparrow’.

Dunnock (Hedge Sparrow) Source: Liz.D.

Alcancía – Venezuela

Translation: piggy bank. Oh.

Hap-PIG Bokeh Wednesday! Source: enggul

Conejo - Spain

The Castillian slang for vagina ‘conejo’ means ‘rabbit.

Conejo Source: martingarri

Pupusa - El Salvador

Yet another filled bread[; this time a tortilla stuffed with cheese.

Papusa Source: ohocheese

Katori – India


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