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16 brilliantly Irish alternative Valentine’s Day cards

Send your Valentine’s love with a dash of sarcasm.

1. Express your true love by comparing them to this match made in heaven

taytocard Source: Etsy

By karenflanart on Etsy.

2. Or tell them you love them with the most Irish expression

valday2 Source: Designist

The Designist Collection.

3. Any card featuring “aul fella” will work well

aulfella Source: Designist

The Designist Collection.

4. Or just straight up channel your inner romantic with this

valday1 Source: Twisted Doodles

Thanks to Twisted Doodles.

5. Tell them how much you love them

fancyaride Source: GrandGrand

What else is Valentine’s Day for, really?

6. This ‘sé and sé’ card is just lovely <3

sese Source: CloverRua/Etsy

Clover Rua on Etsy.

7. February 14th poses an important question every year

valday3 Source: Designist

Well, WILL you?

8. Choose the cutest Friends reference ever

lobster Source: simple-things

From Irish website Simple Things.

9. Who also know that there might be another little character in your relationship

andthecat Source: simple-things

10. Or you could go with a cheeky cultural reference

redacted Source: Etsy

From Jando Design.

11. Or hark back to the days of Irish legend

banshee2 Source: Etsy

12. For the partner who recognises the natural awkwardness of the day

valday4 Source: Twisted Doodles

13. Make a bold statement with this year’s card

betterthantea Source: Etsy

Marta’s card shop from Galway, on Etsy.

14. Designed for the partner who doesn’t care for V-Day*

feckoff Source: Etsy

*but still loves Father Ted jokes.

15. It’s a day to make audacious declarations

teaoncoldday Source: LaineyK

Elaine Kellegher knows what love is.

16. And speak the truth about love

tayto234 Source: Designist


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