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PLAY: The Valentine's Day Drinking* Game

*Lay off the booze though, you DON’T want to be drunk texting on today of all days.

VALENTINE’S DAY CAN be insufferable enough to drive you to the drink.

So what better way to spend the evening than with‘s Valentine’s Day Drinking Game.

Whether you’re single, attached or whatever else you’re having yourself, there’s something here for everyone.

You will need:

Something to drink

We’re not ones for encouraging the consumption of alcohol here, so grab some water, a good old fashioned Irish mineral, a sup of tae, or whatever else takes your fancy.

Image: Flickr/Creative Commons/Dushan and Miae

A keen eye

The playing of this game is based on observational skills.

Clint Eastwood and the way he might look at you

A strong constitution

Witnessing extreme Valentines-induced PDAs may leave you feeling queasy.

Ah lads, get a room (Image: Birds kissing/Shutterstock)

How to play:

Keep your eyes peeled for any of these occurrences. When you see one... drink.

1. When you walk past a mildly dodgy local restaurant which is usually fairly empty, and it's packed full of disappointed looking couples

You'll know them when you see them. They'll all be crammed in, so that their elbows are digging into a stranger's ribs. When you see them, drink.

2. When you see a woman in Dunnes frantically buying some matching smalls

Jaysus, he'll think something's up if I show up in these (Image: Shutterstock)

Drink. And stop staring.

3. When you see a man at the petrol station buying three bunches of crap flowers to try and make one big bouquet

No really, you shouldn't have (Image: Flickr/Creative Commons/Susan E Adams)


Take another drink if he's also buying wine in the petrol station, and a box of Lily O'Briens.

4. If you see a couple having a row

Take two swigs if one of them is crying.

5. If you see someone wandering around M&S with the rejected bits of the romantic dine in for two offer

Sorry darling, they'd run out of the fillet steak and chocolate fudge roulade (Image: Flickr/CreativeCommons/KrgJumper)

6. When you get your significant other a Valentine's Day card, and they get you nothing

YouTube/Giannis Tsirogiannis

Have several drinks, nay, ALL the drinks.

7. If you spot the couple who accidentally organised their first date for 14 February

Sooooo, what do you do for a living? *all around them couples smooch and make disgusting noises* (Image: Shutterstock)

8. When you spot someone doing the walk of shame tomorrow morning

Buy them a drink.

9. When you see two men or two women sharing a lovely moment together

Terry Gilbert, left, kisses his husband Paul Beppler after wedding at Seattle City Hall (Image: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Drink and say Happy Valentine's Day EVERYONE

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