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Loads of Irish media fell for this video from a comedy Facebook page

Banana sales were probably down around Ireland over the weekend.


LAST THURSDAY, COMEDY Facebook page The Irish Take put together a quick video showing a big spider in a bag of bananas, with a voiceover exchange between an Irish shopkeeper and a woman supposedly complaining about them.

The clip absolutely exploded, going viral around the world:

The video received a lot of attention from websites and newspapers both in Ireland and abroad – despite the fact that the voiceover is fake, and the footage is taken from an old YouTube clip for comedy purposes.

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The Irish Take’s Stevie Cahill told DailyEdge.ie that the whole thing has blown up way more than he could ever have expected: 

It was obviously a bit of a joke to start with, I didn’t think it would get this much of reach at all.
A lot of people ran with it. Media outlets in America were getting in touch with me. They just didn’t check to see where the original came from.

The original video was posted back in 2009, showing an American man coming across the massive spider in a supermarket

Source: tripleb162/YouTube

With nearly 5000 shares and 400,000 views, most people were outraged by the attitude of the shopkeeper and didn’t catch the fact that it was from a comedy page with the tagline “just for fun.”

It was meant as a joke, like all our other videos. I said we would just have have a bit of a laugh with it. I think it got so popular because of people’s fear of spiders. We’re probably responsible for the downfall of banana sales around the country over the weekend.

Some people really wanted Stevie to name and shame the fictional shopkeeper from the skit:

People were messaging me saying ‘you have to name this shop’. Thousands of comments were coming in – and a few people found the original video and posted it – but everyone else ignored that and just kept commenting about what an outrage it was.

It’s been a whirlwind few days for The Irish Take:

Absolutely. It took me 30 seconds to download and 45 seconds to dub with my wife – and it’s still getting shared all over the world.
I’d never seen those bananas on sale in Ireland.

Everyone can stand down now, the shocking banana spider of Kilkenny is not real. At least not in Ireland, anyway.

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