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Video of man chasing after his dog goes viral and sparks YouTube spin-offs

Fenton the dog sparked a stampede of red deer in a London park as well as a YouTube sensation.

Image: Screengrab via YouTube.

A VIDEO OF a man chasing his dog who had started a stampede of deer in a London park has gone viral and sparked a number of YouTube spin-offs as well as a debate as to whether the dog’s name is Fenton or Benton.

The clip was posted to YouTube last week and has already garnered nearly 700,000 hits at the time of writing.

In it we see a black labrador chasing red deer through Richmond Park in London, his exasperated owner trails behind shouting obscenities as well as the dog’s name which subsequently became the subject of some debate.

Watch (via ):

The clip was filmed by Jake Goodyear, 13, on his mobile phone who was in the park with his dad Ali at the time, the Telegraph reports.

Yesterday it became the most popular topic of discussion on Twitter and continues to be popular today as the mystery of Benton’s name is solved.

Appearing on Absolute Radio this morning Ali revealed the dog’s name is Fenton and said the whole thing had “gone mental”:

Indeed, the hysteria has sparked Twitter accounts, one claiming to be Benton’s Owner, the other to be Fenton’s owner and a number of spin-offs of famous movie scenes spliced with the audio from the original have also emerged and are proving just as popular.

Here’s the moor scene from An American Werewolf in London (via ):

Then there’s this take on Jurassic Park or Jurassic Pa-BENTON! (via )

In space, no-one can hear Benton. Or as we’ve now established, Fenton (via ) :

But it’s not just movies, there’s this spin-off of the famous ‘Dan! Dan!’ scene in ‘I’m Alan Patridge‘ (via ):

Finally, here’s the Jesus Christ Richmond Park mashup you’ve been waiting for (via ):

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