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VIDEO: Outtakes of Police Academy human beatbox's Irish trip

Michael Winslow is best-known for his vocal acrobatics on film – this video shows how he does it in the making of an ad for the Vodafone Comedy Festival.

YOU ALL REMEMBER Michael Winslow from the Police Academy films, right? Even with the whiff of Carry On about the whole franchise, Winslow’s human beatbox talent made comic gold as Steve Gutenberg’s academymate Larvelle Jones.

We wish we’d been one of the people in this room who got to see him making an ad for Vodafone Comedy Festival coming up in the Iveagh Gardens, Dublin from 26-28 July. Luckily we have a video of the outtakes:

Michael Winslow outtakes from Vodafone Comedy Festival voiceover from TheJournal.ie on Vimeo.

(Via Vodafone Comedy Festival)

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