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Be kind rewind

11 video rental rituals that will pull at your heartstrings

Or DVD rental rituals, you fancy divils.

IN THE PAST few weeks Blockbuster in the UK and the US has announced mass closures of hundreds of stores, as people move away from physically renting videos and DVDs.

Blockbuster in the US issued this heart-wrenching tweet earlier this month:


With Xtra-vision’s own problems earlier this year we’ve been thinking of the special video shop rituals we’re sure you can all identify with…

1. Begging and pleading

PLEASE can we go to the video shop? PLEASE can we? PLEEEEASE?

Gr-assets Gr-assets

2. Browsing for an age

New releases, animations, classics, the endless alphabetised rows of videos or DVDs. So much choice.

tracy the astonishing tracy the astonishing

3. More begging and pleading

This time to be allowed to rent more than one film. Because of all the choice, you see.

decide ccsanfran81 ccsanfran81

4. Disappointment

Unlike 2013 with its unlimited digital versions of films to watch online, back in the day of video shops, movies were finite resources.

If someone had the one you wanted, then you just had to wait until next time.


5. Changing your mind

No, I want The Princess Bride! No, I want Home Alone! No, I want Care Bears!

BlogSpot BlogSpot

6. Yet more begging and pleading

This time for hideously overpriced crisps and sweets, which were a third of the price in the shop next door.

Mysupermarket Mysupermarket

Leonid Mamchenkov Leonid Mamchenkov

7. Small victories

Codding a parent into allowing you to rent an over-15s film was always a special day.

Amazon Amazon

Amazon Amazon

8. Asking the staff to keep you a huge cardboard cutout

They never did, but you always asked.

buzz Ebay Ebay

BlogSpot BlogSpot

9. Tracking issues

You got home, SO excited to watch The Land Before Time, or All Dogs Go to Heaven, or Toy Story… and this happened.

Tumblr Tumblr

Worst case scenario, this happened:

Imgur Imgur

10. Watching the film again, the second it ended

Even if you have to watch it through tears and snot…

11. Being kind, rewinding

It was the sound thing to do.

Sfsketchfest Sfsketchfest

We’ll leave you with this…

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