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Viewers were in tears at the emotional finale of this year's Operation Transformation

Many were astounded by what this group achieved in just two months.

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IT SEEMED LIKE January would never end. But February? It was over in the blink of the eye. This means that it’s finally time for this year’s Operation Transformation to wrap up.

If you were on Twitter last night, you may have spotted how many people were left in tears at the final episode.

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First, the Operation Transformation leaders were brought back to DCU to have health assessments done by Professor Niall Moyna, who quantitatively measured their new fitness levels and BMI.

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First up was 52-year-old Mary Diamond, who was told that she decreased her body-fat by 10% and was now in the top 20% of people her age. She was delighted with her newfound fitness.

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Two months ago, 28-year-old Wayne had the average fitness of a 60-year-old. He went from the bottom 25% to the top 40% fitness levels for his age.

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At the beginning of Operation Transformation, Sarah was told that 70% of women her age were fitter than her. Last night, she learned that she was now in the top 25% in her age group, which had dramatically decreased her chances of developing chronic diseases.

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When 30-year-old Felicity began Operation Transformation, Professor Niall told her that she had the fitness level of an 80-year-old, and was ranked in the bottom 1% of people her age. Now that Operation Transformation has come to an end, she is now fitter than 25% of people her age.

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Finally, 38-year-old Garda David Cryan was told that he had the same fitness level as an inter-county player, and had improved his cardiovascular fitness level by 40%.

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Viewers were delighted for the leaders, who they had grown very fond of over the last two months.

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At the end of the episode, it was revealed that the five Operation Transformation leaders had collectively lost 10 stone 11 pounds over their journeys on the last two months.

They used the final episode to get all dolled up and celebrate their achievements.

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