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Vogue's 'smelly Irish' controversy explained

It was a joke, people!

VOGUE McFADDEN HAS gotten herself into a bit of hot water in Australia, thanks to a jokey comment she made in her recent RTE programme.

The Irish Echo, a newspaper for expats in Australia pulled a comment from Vogue Does Home and Away and put it on their front page, with the headline ‘Expat Irish ‘smelly’ declares Vogue Williams’.


Apparently some expats were offended after reading the article, leading Vogue to respond via Twitter, saying:

I wasn’t going to comment so as not to fuel further, however it appears a light-hearted comment I made in Vogue Does Home & Away on RTE has offended a few ex-pat Irish in Oz. I can guarantee you that if you watch the show you will see it was mean solely as a joke, certainly not an insult… I’m trying to get the show on YouTube so everyone can see for themselves…

The show isn’t yet on YouTube, but it is still available on RTE Player, and the comment does seem completely innocuous.

Vogue visits the beach which is so often seen on Home and Away and discovers that it’s full of Irish people (complete with GAA jerseys).

clare jersey


When she sits down to chat with some of the expat superfans she’s visiting the beach with, she jokes that it was great to be there after almost twenty years of watching the show, except of course for ‘all the smelly Irish’ that are there.  The group laughs and continues chatting.

Because it was a joke.

vogue yes

Storm in a teacup, anyone?

You can check it out yourself here, the contentious moment happens at 13:02.

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