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Vogue Williams went to a sex club in a Limerick industrial estate on TV last night
And the nation blushed.

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THE THIRD INSTALLMENT of Vogue Williams’ RTÉ series Wildgirls hit the telly last night – and the intrepid reporter delved into the world of sex parties and S&M in Ireland and abroad.

And it was very interesting.

First we saw Vogue get hands on training from this sex therapist

vogue1 RTE RTE

And this guy was very detailed.

It was overwhelming for the viewers


Next, she went to a spanking class

spank RTE Player RTE Player

In which she volunteered

vogue2 RTE RTE

Vogue says she wasn’t turned on by the experience though. In fact:

“It was mortification”

vogue3 RTE RTE

But the real highlight of the evening came when she pitched up to a sex club located in an industrial estate in Limerick.

A sexy setting

indy RTE RTE

“It looks like somewhere you’d go to learn how to drive.”

vogue4 RTE RTE

As the owner showed her around the club, we found out everything that went on when the members arrived. It was quite the learning curve.

The place had a sauna and all the works

sauna RTE RTE

But it didn’t leave the sexiest impression on her to be fair.

Then Vogue went to a S&M B&B in London – run by an Irish woman

usethis RTE RTE

Which seemed like decent craic at least

This “f**king machine” was the jewel in its box of tricks

machine RTE RTE

And a revelation for the viewers

Vogue then investigated the world of paid-for sex – and discovered some facts

bandb RTE RTE

But the real lesson was that the nation was glad to have somebody investigate these issues for us


And that the facial expressions were worth it

It was a wild ride, but we made it through.

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