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# Vote with Us
Lovely Irish couple married for 50 years explain why they support marriage equality
Brighid and Paddy from Dundalk want you to vote yes in the referendum.

NOT CONVINCED ABOUT how to vote in the upcoming marriage equality election? Allow Brighid and Paddy to tell you how they feel.

This lovely video was released as part of the new #VoteWithUs campaign, in which voters share their reasons for supporting equal marriage in Ireland.


Brighid and Paddy from Dundalk are devout Catholics who have been married for 50 years – watch them discuss how, as grandparents, they hope their grandchildren are “protected and treated as equals” in the eyes of the law.

Says Paddy:

Twenty years ago I probably would have voted no. But now that I know gay people and see the love and joy they can bring to life, I will be voting yes.

Pass the tissues.

Padraic W / YouTube

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