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11 important things all waiters want you to know
Put our service (and our patience) to the test.

WAITERS: THE BRAVE beings who convey your food, nourishing you when you are hungry and providing a steady stream of water for your thirsty mouths.

Here’s a few things they want to tell you.

1. Yes, carrying all these plates is difficult

018 Hospitality Formula Hospitality Formula

But we make it work. *brushes dirt off shoulder*

2. When we tell you the plate is hot, we actually mean it

Still, you always refuse to believe us and touch it anyway.

tumblr_lkd7omuJoS1qhhayj Tumblr Tumblr

Good job.

3. We do mind when you arrive in at closing time, actually

we'reclosed Wikimedia Wikimedia

Can we clean up and go home, please?

4. We’ve gotten used to having food goo all over us

woman-period-cake-love-gif-funny-seductive Xclusivetouch Xclusivetouch

We’ve landed our paws in so much gravy/mashed potato/tomato sauce that we can’t be traumatised by it any more.

5. Weekends do not exist for us

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And saying “Oh, it’s a pity you’re in here on a Sunday” doesn’t really make us feel any better.

6. We don’t make the food

Surprisingly, we don’t have any say in when the food is ready. Really! We don’t. Please, don’t give us evils every time we walk by.

tumblr_nmv6rzm2yH1t3cwato1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

7. We don’t mean to arrive asking “How’s everything?” when your mouth is full


Honestly, we don’t time it for precisely that moment. It just happens.

8. You never forget the first time you spill something on a customer

spilledfood YouTube YouTube

The look on their face stays with you forever.

9. When you ask us “What would you recommend?” we die a bit inside

tumblr_mdumpsb8X01qiocq5 Photobucket Photobucket


10. Asking for substitutions is a risky business

take-it-or-leave-it-at-flickr-by-d-sniegowski Wordpress Wordpress

We’ll tell the chefs that you want something a little different, but we can’t guarantee it’ll come out that way. Sorry.

11. Tips are love, tips are life

75215-breaking-bad-bed-of-money-gif-vdla Pandawhale Pandawhale

The tipping system isn’t as iron-clad here as it is in other countries – but still, we really appreciate your tips. THANK YOU.

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