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11 ways people are being incredible w*nkers in 2015
Please, these people need to be stopped.

HERE WE ARE in 2015, and you’d think we would be well past the age of needlessly public displays of middle class buffoonery.

But no, there are still people out there finding a way to be complete w*nkers:

1. Like this activity being a real thing

2. Edgy graffiti like

3. Anyone who wears this

applewatch77 Twitter Twitter

4. Whoever wrote this sign

twitterchip Twitter Twitter

5. The fact that there is a market for these

brownricechips Twitter Twitter

They might even be nice, but come on.

6. Using this in public

mostrosity Twitter Twitter

7. This pun and product description for a soup

persianhug Twitter Twitter


8. Naming a chipper this

hashtag Twitter Twitter

There should be rules regarding such things.

9. Using social media like

richy Twitter Twitter

10. This number plate

numberplate Twitter Twitter

You’re so James Bond.

11. And finally… using a vintage typewriter on public transport

wanker imgur imgur

Because that urgently needed to be physically typed out on a moving bus.

2015 is only six months old – we have another half a year to go. Everyone, prepare yourselves.

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