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This American shop's cheeky name should give you a chuckle


DEEP IN THE US state of Oregon, there is a shop. A shop that is not like other shops.

Why is this? Well, look at the name.

They should've brought Wiggo to The Tour. Source: Instagram/stokedonspokes

Hahaha! Source: Instagram/mattiliffe

Nope, it’s not some lost Father Ted joke. Wanker’s Country Store is a real place, a family-owned shop in Wanker’s Corner, a small community near the town of Wilsonville.  Yeah. Wanker’s Corner.

They sell t-shirts.

They have a Wanker’s Wine Cave, which sounds more ominous than it looks:

CPN9qLiUYAQKKnP Source: Twitter/@wankersstore

They have a fan club, called ‘I Heart Wankers’:

iheartwankers Source: wankersstore.com

There’s also a Wanker’s Corner Café nearby:

I know a few people I'd find in there. #Wankers #WankersCorner #Cafe Source: Instagram/slates82

The owners are obviously aware of the name’s other meaning (they often retweet messages from giddy English and Irish folk on Twitter) but nevertheless are trying to distance themselves from it, saying it’s pronounced “WONkers”. Sure, guys. Sure.

wankerscountry Source: wankersstore.com

Currently planning a DailyEdge.ie trip to Wanker’s Corner. Let us know if you want in.

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