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Man shares his own 'Wanted' pic on Facebook... gets caught 45mins later

Not the world’s brightest star.

THE POLICE DEPARTMENT of Freeland, Pennsylvania has found a great new way to snare criminal suspects on Facebook. Unfortunately, it depends on them being epically foolish.

Yesterday, they shared a photo on their official page of wanted man Anthony Lescowitch:

Anthony then shared the status ON HIS OWN FACEBOOK PAGE.

Source: Replygif

He was captured by police within 45 minutes and arrested. The police department weren’t shy about showing their glee, posting this status just two hours after the first:

How exactly did they get him? Well, according to the Times-Leader, an undercover officer:

used a Facebook profile of a fictitious attractive woman to engage in online conversation with Lescowitch through Facebook for about a half hour, pretending to be interested in meeting him.

He at first turned down an offer of a drink, but then the officer told him: “The least you can do is come out and have a cigarette with me”.

Lescowitch was arrested “without incident”. But with a very red face, we hope.

via Uproxx

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